What is position of secretary of war ? Is it 参谋长 ?
Oct 22, 2008 1:53 AM
Answers · 4
i dont know ,however secretaty of Defene is 国防部长 in chinese
October 23, 2008
actually, in the united states, the position of "secretary of war" had its name changed to "secretary of defense" after world war 2 when the "war department" had its name changed to the "defense department". the secretary of defense oversees the entire american military establishment. our current secretary of defense is robert gates.
October 22, 2008
军师! army teacher, haha who gives ideas to the big shots, if you should bomb other countries like Mars.
October 23, 2008
不知道secretary of war 用中文怎么说但应该不是“参谋长" 我也想知道回答!:-)
October 23, 2008
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