Where to learn Japanese? Excuse me. Sumimasen deshita! Can somebody please tell me, where can i learn Japanese in a full version? Onegaishimasu, please tell me.
Oct 22, 2008 1:32 PM
Answers · 1
"In a full version?" I don't totally understand what you mean. I'll assume you mean from a beginner level. The best place to start, if you can afford it, is some lessons. See if there is somewhere local that holds a class, hopefully with a native speaking teacher. Otherwise, if you can't afford that.. you can always try buying yourself a couple of beginner japanese workbooks. But it will help a lot if you can get someone to help you with the basics like pronunciation. You will have to be very dedicated to teach yourself from books.. but it's possible! And of course try to use it as much as you can in real situations! Read stuff, talk to people.. as much as you can! Good luck with your studies!
October 24, 2008
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