Can you check my paper? Dear Mr Johnson, In response to your letter of 15 January, I am writing to suggest possible measures to reduce the disposal of plastic bottles in our college to fulfil the requirements of the government. There are several ways that could be suggested to decrease the amount of plastic bottles that students of our college throw away. Firstly, water dispensers could be installed in the canteen and in every hallway so that pupils could use them instead of bottled water. Secondly, students could be provided with refillable BPA-free bottles. Thirdly, an education programme could be carried out to tell students about the harmful effect plastic bottles create for our environment.These measures will inevitably help to reduce the waste of plastic bottles in our college. Beside that, installation of water dispensers will be a good way of saving students’ money as they will not spend on buying bottled water. In addition, the college could have its logo printed on those refillable bottles that will encourage name recognition of our college. An education programme can inspire an emerge of fresh ideas on how to decrease the disposal of plastic. In order to ensure students’ cooperation, I would recommend to organize a student club that will implement sustainable projects and practices in our college. There is a high possibility of popularity of the club if the students realise the roots of these changes and start taking an active part in the environmental projects. I very much hope you will consider my recommendations and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,
Apr 10, 2016 10:26 AM
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Corrections will be in [] Dear Mr[ . ] Johnson, plastic bottles in our college to fulfil[ l ] the requirements of the government. Thirdly, an education [ program ] could be carried out An education [ program ] can inspire Yours sincerely, [ sincerely, ] or [ yours truly, ]
April 11, 2016
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