Angel Valdivieso
I wanna know if i write this correctly I'd like to learn,give the best of me,take out my all potential.But sometimes,I have so much things to do,that I feel that i cant do it. But,now i am in the right direction.I am helping other partners to learn spanish and i feel good. That is a text for read in the future,if i go back to the bad zone. I would like that you help me if i have something wrong of if i write well,i will be happy if you text me that it is okey So,bye and thanks in advance :)
Apr 10, 2016 5:15 PM
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A good attempt. I would say it like this: I'd like to learn, give the best of my ability, fulfil my whole potential. But sometimes, I have so much to do, that I feel that I can't do it. But now I am moving in the right direction. I am helping others to learn Spanish and I feel good. This is a text to read in the future, if I go back to the bad zone. (maybe use instead: 'If I go back to bad habits') I would like it if you could help me If I have something wrong, or if I write well, I would be happy if you would tell me that it is okay. So, bye and thanks in advance :)
April 10, 2016
Hola Ángel, mucho gusto conocerte. Soy maestro del idioma español aquí en California. Voy a corregir algunos de tus errores: "take out my all potential" --> express my full potential (más natural) "so much things to do" --> so 'many' things to do (things es plural, así que se usa 'many') "cant" --> cannot = can't (se usa la contracción con apóstrofe) "but now I am in the right direction" --> but now I am 'facing' the right direction (más natural) "That is a text for read in the future,if i go back to the bad zone." (No entiendo.) "I would like that you help me." --> "I would like you 'to help' me." (En inglés, se usa el infinitivo, no se usa la "que") Te recomiendo unos cambios en la puntación: siempre incluye un espacio detrás de una coma. "I'd like to learn,give..."--> "I'd like to learn, give..." También, las últimas líneas deben ser separadas en oraciones individuales, así: "I would like you to help me if I have something wrong or if I write well. I will be happy if you text me. That is okay." Excepto para una frase, escribiste claramente y te entendía muy bien. ¿En qué región vives, Ángel? Yo pasé por Andalucía el verano pasado y, este verano, voy a explorer Galicia, País Vasco y Cataluña.
April 10, 2016
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