which is correct?Please help! 1The lantern raises / rises slowly. Should I use which one? 2There is a nice man who is blind and who frequently sells brooms and other objects in our neighborhood. Do I need the second "who?" 3 a split-type air conditioner and a window unit air conditioner Would native speakers understand them? Are they idiomatic? Thank you very much.
Apr 11, 2016 2:11 AM
Answers · 3
1. "Rises", because it is intransitive. "Raise" is a transitive verb and needs an object -- e.g. "I raise the lantern". 2. No, because the "and" conjoins two finite verbs -- "sells" and "is" -- as you have it, but it wouldn't hurt to repeat "who" and have "and" conjoin the two "who"s instead. 3. I've no idea what a split type AC is, but I do understand what you mean by "window unit air conditioner". I would call it a "window air conditioner".
April 11, 2016
1. The lantern raises (I think you don't need to put slowly because it's already obvious that the lantern rises slowly.) 2. There is a nice man that is blind, frequently sells brooms and other objects in our neighborhood. ( I think you don't need to put 'who' in this sentence because who've already mention the object (man) and only use 'and' on the last part that explains a man because it is redundant.) and the number 3 i don't have any idea nor understand the sentence. -i hope i can these will help you.
April 11, 2016
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