how to say "it's not working!" in korean I want to know how to say "it's not working" for situation that something is not function. For example. Im using subway pass card but it's not scanning. I would say "it's not working". Or I'm using vending machine or some machine that won't function I would say "it's not working"
Apr 11, 2016 3:57 PM
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you can say... 그것은 고장이다. ( geugeoseun gojangida)
April 11, 2016
"it's not working!" - it is: 그것(it) + 이(subject marker) -> 그게 (contracted from); 이것(this) + 이 -> 이게. (If something won't work, it is likely to be close by, so 이게 is usual) - not: 1) 안 + verb (short form); 2) verb + ~지 않다 (long form) - both forms are in wide use. - work: 작동하다, 작동을 하다(formal); 되다(informal). So we can say: - 이게 안 돼요 / 이게 안 되는데요. (most common) * 돼요 = 되어요. * ~데요: colloquial smooth ending. - 이게 되질 않아요. (using the long form negation) - 이게 작동(을) 안 해요. In addition, you can also be more specific about it: - 이게 스캔이 안 돼요 (It won't scan). - 이게 들어가질 않아요 (It won't go in). - 이게 반응이 없네요 (It won't respond).
April 11, 2016
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