不知道怎么写英语作文 我不知道如何地道的去写一篇英语小文章,自己写出来的文章总感觉很生硬缺少连接词。
Apr 12, 2016 1:09 PM
Answers · 6
Hello Ivyue, The best thing to do is start writing in English in your notebook and read the corrections that people make. Don't worry about how bad you think it is - everybody has to learn at some stage and we learn from our mistakes. Best wishes Bob
April 12, 2016
Bob's advice is good. My further advice for you is to write in ENGLISH every chance you get -- your question above for example. If you write it in English, more people will be able to answer you and offer help. Do not worry about making mistakes. Everyone here is learning a language and making mistakes all the time. MISTAKES are WONDERFUL! Do you know why? When we see them, we can help you and then WE feel GOOD because we have helped someone. So, if YOU make mistakes, WE feel GOOD because WE CAN HELP YOU! Yay! That's why we are here. Suoyi, buyao pa! Jia you!
April 13, 2016
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