Dexter (Xiro)
New to hangul and can't understand what this means, can you please help? So I started to look into learning hangul recently but I'm still very new to it and can't understand one of the words in this sentence, "자주놀러게용 " , I'm not sure if I know the other words correctly but I would love some help understanding what it means so I can try to reply to the one who sent it over the topic of my dog.
Apr 12, 2016 9:43 PM
Answers · 4
자주놀러게용 is a very colloquial and cute way of saying "I'll stop by often (to hang out, spend time, etc.)".
April 15, 2016
use google translate
April 12, 2016
Thank you, Jamie!
April 12, 2016
this is kind of a slang way to say 자주 놀러갈게요 which means i will go over often. 자주 is often, 놀러 is to play, or hang out and 갈게 is i will go. 요 is a formal way to say the sentence. adding the ㅇ to the 요 is like a cutesy way to pronounce the sentence but implies the same meaning with or without.
April 12, 2016
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