Are these sentences correct in english? Hi guys, I'm learning english and I'd like to ask you if theses sentences that I wrote are correct or not. 1)I would be glad if you could help me with english because mine is a little rusty 2)my biggest problem is actually the comprehension 3)sometimes I have some difficult in understanding,in reading a passage but I have many more issues in the oral comprehension 4)Instead of saying should say........ Is it correct? Thank you in advance! :)
Apr 13, 2016 12:44 PM
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Daniela's suggestions are basically good, but let me take another pass on #3. The minimal edit to it to make it correct is "Sometimes I have some difficulty in understanding while reading a passage but I have many more issues in aural comprehension". (Note "oral" = mouth, "aural" = ears. Confusingly, they are pronounced the same way.) However, I might put it as "Sometimes I have difficulty understanding the written language, but I find it much harder to understand when it is spoken". (I feel the same way about Portuguese!)
April 13, 2016
Hello Nickpiazon, Regarding your questions: 1) This sentence is not wrong, grammatically speaking, but English native speakers don’t speak like that, so it doesn’t sound very “natural” in my opinion. I would say something like this: “I was wondering if I could get your help with English because mine is a little rusty. Thank you!” 2) My native language is Portuguese so I 100% understand why you wrote that sentence the way that you did. The right way of saying it is “My biggest problem is, actually, comprehension”. That “the” is not needed in that case. 3) In this one I would use a different approach but please keep in mind that mostly native speakers would understand you, a more proper way of saying it would be: “Sometimes I have difficulties understanding, like when reading a passage from a book. I also have issues when it comes to Oral comprehension” 4) It is correct! PS: let me know if you need any extra clarification with anything or if you need any extra help :D
April 13, 2016
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