sports that are played on a pitch When we say indoor and outdoor football ( soccer) we say it is played on a pitch , I think a field only for outdoor. However I am confused about the name for the places where other sports like : handball, volleyball, are played Basketball and tennis are played in a court. So can you tell me about the most common sports? Thanks
Apr 14, 2016 11:31 AM
Answers · 2
In addition to SuKi's answer, baseball is played on a "diamond" (or field) and ice hockey on a "rink".
April 14, 2016
This is something that varies according to region - what British English would call a 'football pitch' would be called a 'soccer field' in American English. 'Pitch' isn't used in American English - speakers of AE would use 'field' for most outdoor games. I know that you're focusing on British English for your students, but that's still something to bear in mind. Volleyball, squash, badminton and so on are played on courts.
April 14, 2016
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