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why is this wrong? and why is this right? Chinese to english OK I wrote this 这是不公平的!!本人不能躺在我想念他这么多! 我想要他!and have been told it should be this 这是不公平的,我不能躺在这里如此地想他,我要他也这样想我. Can anyone please explain why? I really dont understand the new way esp在这里 如此地, why are they in there? also dont see anything or "so much!" in it?
Oct 23, 2008 8:00 AM
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Firstly, maybe you'll get the best answer if you give the original english sentence as well. In your question, you are confused about why "so much" is not translated into "这么多" but "如此地". I think it's because the chinese grammar for adverbs is very different from english grammar. In chinese, we usually put adverbs before verb. But in english, they are put after verb. For example, you say "I like her", which means "我喜欢她" in chinese. If you say "I like her so much". It doesn't mean "我喜欢她这么多", but "我如此地喜欢她".
October 23, 2008
I'll try to translate the first Mandarin sentence back to English: "It's not fair! I can't just lie on and miss him so much! I want him!" (please leave me a message on my blackboard if I'm wrong so that I can answer again.) Now I'll translate the second Mandarin bit into English: "It's not fair! I can't just lie here and miss him so much! I want him to miss me as much!" Or, "It's not fair! I can't just lie here and miss him like this! I want him to miss me in the same way!" As you can see, they are totally different; therefore, it'll be impossible for us to tell you why. It'll be much easier if you can provide us with the original meaning in English.
October 23, 2008
About your sentence. You should say '躺着' /'躺在where' . You can't put 'so much' after 'miss' but before it in Chinese.'想他这么多'is English way.'这么地想他' /'如此地想他' is Chinese way. '我想要他' means 'I want him' .Do you want to do something with him? =_='
October 24, 2008
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