What to wear with a bikini in the swimming pool in the UK? Hi! I am planning to keep swimming in the UK. In South Korea, most women wear one-piece type swimsuits with a cap and goggles fully. But I heard that it is quite common to wear bikinis in the swimming pool in the UK. And I was curious if people also wear goggles and caps together with the bikini. Would you please let me know about it? Thank you so much! :)
Apr 14, 2016 5:51 PM
Answers · 3
Most women wear one-pieces in indoor swimming pools, and some wear bikinis for sunbathing by outdoor pools or on the beach. But there's no reason why you shouldn't wear a bikini in a swimming pool, or a one-piece on the beach - it really doesn't matter. If you in a chlorinated pool and doing a stroke which means that your face in the water a lot, you may want to wear goggles, but you don't often see people wearing swimming caps these days. But you could wear one if you want. Don't worry about it - there are no rules, and nobody will mind what you wear.
April 14, 2016
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