please translate these is japanese : romanji ok. -i am sleeping. -dont worry ,ill do my best. -jump.play.fun.study.read.bath.question.answer.exercise.speak. remember.run.life.shiny.shoe.carry.whatever.house. -stop talking -please dont go there -i will clean my room -no entry -
Oct 23, 2008 10:08 AM
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try to translate with traduno.com,it's pretty cool
February 23, 2011
run. hashirimasu (verb) HASHIRU life. --> there are a lot of words for life in japanese. for example: seikatsu (the way of living) / jinsei (the life of someone) / inochi (originally it means soul,but for example when a child borns we can use...) shiny. akarui (adjective) actually it means shiny like not dark shoe. kutsu carry. hansou (noun) hansoushimasu (verb) HANSOUSURU whatever. its difficult... if you want to say, that "whatever is okay", that's nandemo ii desu... house. ie (or home = uchi) -stop talking = hanashi wo yamete kudasai! / hanashi shinaide kudasai! HANASHI WO YAMETE! (it's kind of rude... so just between close friends) HANASHI SHINAIDE! (it's not THAT rude, but still just between friends) -please dont go there = asoko ni ikanaide kudasai! ASOKO NI IKANAIDE! -i will clean my room = oheya de soujishimasu. OHEYA DE SOUJISURU. -no entry (please don't enter) = hairanaide kudasai! HAIRANAIDE! i hope i could help. :)
October 24, 2008
formal and INFORMAL -i am sleeping. = netemasu. NETERU -dont worry ,ill do my best. = shinpai shinaide kudasai! ganbattemasu! SHINPAI SHINAIDE! GANBATTERU! -jump tobimasu TOBU play. asobimasu (verb) ASOBU fun. tanoshii (adjective) (tanoshii desu = it's fun / i enjoy it) TANOSHII (even in sentence we don't really say desu... but even if you say tanoshii desu between friends noone will think that you try to speak polite... it's kind of difficult to explain, sorry... oh, maybe... it depends on how you say it... if with high tension and happily, cause you really enjoy it, then tanoshii desu is perfect... :D) study. benkyou (noun) benkyoushimasu (verb) (benkyou shitemasu if you're studying at that exact time) BENKYOUSURU BENKYOU SHITERU read. yomimasu (verb) YOMU bath. ofuro (noun) (ofuro wo hairimasu = i take a bath) OFURO WO HAIRU question. shitsumon answer. kotae / henji exercise. undou / ekisasaizu (nouns) undoushimasu (verb) UNDOUSURU speak. hanashimasu (verb) HANASU remember. oboemasu (verb) OBOERU
October 24, 2008
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