son unos ladrones,te cobran un ojo de la cara por cualquier cosa "un ojo de la cara por cualquier cosa" ?
Oct 23, 2008 12:09 PM
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un ojo de la cara 脸上的一只眼,但为什么“脸上的一只眼”能表示“(商品)贵得离谱”就不知道了 收取什么款项用cobrar+por
October 23, 2008
The expression "cobrar un ojo de la cara" has these 2 meanings: litteral: "charge an eye of your face" methaforical: it is so expensive, that you should pay even with an eye of your face to be able to afford it. And "son unos ladrones" means "they are thieves", meaning they are dishonest people. Hope it helps. Regards! Mavi
October 30, 2008
is too much than you can pay for it, you find it TOO EXPENSIVE ;)
October 29, 2008
un ojo de la cara! an idiomatic expression means that it's way to expensive and that it's also unfair!
October 26, 2008
they charge too much money for something. it refers excess of money, more than its value.
October 25, 2008
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