Can you explain me what this sentence meaning is in the context? She had a house, or at least, once upon a time had had one. Inside were curtains, a couch, a stove, potholders. You are where you live. She was somebody. I don't get it what it means <<You are where you live>>. I would really appreciate if you could explain me about it! Thank you in advance!Oh, I mean, this sentence "You are where you live".
Apr 16, 2016 5:58 AM
Answers · 2
From my understanding it is saying that you become a reflection of where you live, for example if you like in a happy home, you'll be a happy person. There's a more dimming saying, you are what you eat, which means if you eat healthy food you'll be healthy, if you eat fatty food you'll be fat etc
April 16, 2016
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