why not "magazines" ? Please tell me why it is "magazine" instead of "magazines" in the below sentence ,thank you And guess what? I called channel five. Their TV news is going to cover it. "Housewife campaigns in appliance stores." And I'll bet some magazine will pick up the story, too. Mom, you're going to win!
Apr 16, 2016 1:24 PM
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Here, "some magazine" means "a random magazine, I don't care which one". This is a case where "some" does not indicate a plural noun, and it's perfectly fine in regular English.
April 16, 2016
Hi echofloating, When the word "magazine", or any other noun, has "some" in front of it, it suggests no difference between one or many. In this situation, the person writing this is suggesting that one magazine, an unknown magazine, will start writing about the story. It's almost like saying "somebody" when you talk about any singular person who is unknown. "Some magazines" would be the correct form if the writer was suggesting that multiple magazines would discover the story, not just one magazine.
April 16, 2016
I like to describe "some" as "being SPECIFIC in a NON-SPECIFIC way". It refers to a REAL but as-yet-unidentified entity. The identity of this REAL, SPECIFIC entity will become known in the future but it is not known at the present time. Someone will do it. => It is certain that a specific person will do it in the future. We don't know who that person is yet but when he does it, THEN we will know his name, so eventually we will know who "someone" was referring to. Some magazine will pick up the story. => It is certain that a magazine company will pick up the story in the future. We don't know which magazine company yet, but when that specific magazine company does pick up the story, THEN we will know which specific magazine "some magazine" was referring to. Someday (There will come a specific day in the future. We will know which day when it happens.) Somehow (I don't know how now. But in the future when the problem is solved, THEN we will know how it was done.) Sometime (I don't know when now, but when it happens in the future, THEN I will know what time it happened.)
April 17, 2016
I knew some Aussie would answer it! (random Australian) I knew some Aussies would answer it. (and 2 did!) Where's the little smiley thing to insert here?
April 16, 2016
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