커버린 meaning Well, while trying to translate one song, i found the word 커버린 that i found so many translation of it . 커버린 아이처럼 혼자되 나무처럼 외로워 지친 누군가의 세상을 봐 Please can someone give me the right translation through providing some examples 고마워요
Apr 16, 2016 5:55 PM
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"커버린" is from 커 버리다, where 커(크다) means "grow big" and "버리다" is an auxiliary verb for "completely". 버리다 is like "up" or "out" in English (but stronger), and means doing something all the way and irrevocably. - 돈을 다 써 버렸다: I used up all the money. - 그림을 망쳐 버렸어: I botched up the drawing. - 나 죽어 버릴 거야: I'm going to kill myself. - 가 버린 사람: One who's gone for good. - 잊다, 잊어버리다(forget completely) - 잃다, 잃어버리다(lose forever). (잊어버리다, 잃어버리다 have become new words in themselves, so there's no space before 버리다) So, 커 버린 may be translated as "who has grown up big". 커버린 아이처럼 혼자된 나무처럼 ("혼자되" must be a typo) 외로워 지친 누군가의 세상을 봐 * 외로워 지친 could have been 외로워 지쳐 버린 too - but it will make 버린 appear twice which is not good. I see someone's world Weary from solitude Like a kid grown up big Like a tree all by itself
April 16, 2016
버리다 when paired with other verbs basically gives the sense of "completely" and 크다 means "grown" so together it just means fully grown child
April 16, 2016
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