How do you see the real meaning of justice ? what does this word mean ? clarify it for me !
Oct 23, 2008 2:59 PM
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I would like to think that justice is something in which you can trust, but it's not. And I'm talking about police. More and more people are used to make their own justice because police is very indifferent. They see only those people who steal something to eat, those people who are so poor that can't affort a medicine when they are sick, but they can't arrest those people who steals from "the goods of the nation", those who have important jobs and are "protected" by the law. If you ask me "Can you trust in the justice from your country?" NO, I can't trust in our justice , but I trust in a special justice which is more important then this one.
October 26, 2008
Justice has to do with judging. It's general usage is that of correct judgement. You might see it as the middle ground between mercy and retaliation. Usually this kind of thing is handled by courts. In the US people are told "not to take justice into their own hands." because it's the job of the courts, police, etc. There are other kinds of justice...for instance "poetic justice" is a term used when circumstances suddenly change that seem to give some form of justice, but not through anyone's hands directly. For instance, a bully in middle school picks on all the children and everyone is afraid of them, but then in high school he stops growing and becomes the short little kid that gets picked on. Some people would call that poetic justice (or irony, perhaps as well). You'll often see poetic justice in films where they can't have the "good guy" kill the bad guy, as they want the good guy to be merciful but still have the bad guy die. So the good guy attempts to help the bad guy, but by some accident or betrayal, the bad guy dies anyway. Justice is often represented by the concept of balance.
October 23, 2008
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