what does 못났더라고요 mean? 못났더라고요 is there any particles end of the word? is there an easy way for me to understand and separate words from the particlescorrect me if i am wrong but i think 요 is for respect and 고 means 'and'? is there any particles besides these?
Apr 17, 2016 7:12 PM
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못났더라고요 => 못났다 + ~더라고 + ~요 - 못나다(adj): 1) homely, unattractive 2) be inferior, sub-par. - 못났다: a "state" form of 못나다. (~(았/었)다 means either the past tense or the resulting state in the present) * "나다" is a verb (come out; be born), and 잘나다(be good looking) and 못나다 adjectives. * "XX is homely" is "XX는 못났어"(not 못나), because homeliness is a resulting state of the verb 나다 (in the negative). - ~더라: verb ending for recounting one's own experience vividly as if experiencing it over again. - ~더라고: an emphasized form of 더라 - makes a long lasting impression. Often pronounced as 더라구. - ~요: suffix for politeness. The phrase is like 못났어요 in meaning, but says it more vividly through the ~더라고 ending. Other examples: - 김 씨네 집에 가 봤는데 집이 아주 좋더라(고). => I visited Mr Kim's and you know what, his house was fantastic. - 어제 축구 시합이 있었는데 친구 하나가 선수처럼 잘 하더라고요. => We had a soccer match yesterday, and guess what, a friend of mine was playing like a professional. This page has a good explanation and some examples on ~더라고.
April 17, 2016
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