What is it about a man that attracts you the most? United States women and many other western women seem most attracted to men who are very good looking or very rich, but what is it about a man that attracts a Chinese woman? or makes you fall in love with them?
Oct 23, 2008 5:41 PM
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i think ,no matter who is western or eastern man , which attacts me first is full of responsibility and knowledgeable. And i also want to raise a question: what is it about a chinese woman that attacts a western man first?
October 24, 2008
personally, i think the most important is he loves me ,and then he should be honest , considerate and reliable . objectively, he should have a job.
October 24, 2008
You forgot to ask What it is about US men and many other western men being attracted to whichever kind of men they're attracted to... Think outside the box, sweetheart. :)
October 23, 2008
In my opinion, chinese women are more traditional than western women. So they want to own a stable marriage. And in chinese culture, two person live together need much compromise and tolerance. It's more important than rich and good looking i think. It's totally different from western
October 26, 2008
i don't think someone with rich or goodlooking can attract sb, i think that can not be real love.first ,i think a man shuold be responsible to their life .especially his wife and chirld .second ,i think a man should be brave .He can do something by himself without sorrow .and he can be confident for himself .third, i think a man shoulde care for her family .be repective to their parents. i think he shouldbe rational . lastly . the man who has the same interest and hobby with me .
October 25, 2008
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