Two short questions 1_What is the difference between 天气 And 气候? 2_are these sentence correct? 我从中国到伊朗在飞机睡觉 坐车不方便,从宿舍出发,坐公交车,还要换地铁。 刮很风 很刮风
Apr 18, 2016 2:14 PM
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1_What is the difference between 天气 And 气候? Answer:天气通常指一天或几天的天气状况。气候指的是一个长期形成的天气状况。 比如说:1。今天天气如何啊?今天有雨。2。中国广州的气候如何啊?夏天炎热,冬天温暖 2_are these sentence correct? 我从中国到伊朗在飞机睡觉、 Answer: 应该说:我在从中国到伊朗的飞机上睡觉 坐车不方便,从宿舍出发,坐公交车,还要换地铁。 Answer:这句话是对的,correct! 刮很风 很刮风 Answer: incorrect, 一般说,刮风,或者说刮很大的风。
April 18, 2016
sorry I haven't uesd the correction function before....Hope you understand what I write
April 18, 2016
1. 天气 means "weather". It may changes harshly in a day. 气候means "climate". It's a long-term, general weather conditions in a place. For example, we say "climate change" as "气候变迁" 2. 我从中国坐飞机到伊朗。我在飞机上睡觉。 坐车很不方便。我从宿舍出发,坐公交车,还要换地铁。 风刮得很大。 basically the sentence can be understood but I suggest you add some words to make it more nature. For example, add "那时候"(At that time)before 风刮得很大. I think It would be more nature; )
April 18, 2016
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