upon/by/in Hi, there ould you tell me which preposition I should use in this paragraph? "Kuhn's works, dated back to the second half of the 20th century, caused an tremendous impact on the society upon/in/by demonstrating that science was a human activity, thus subject to upheavals that occur in different historical periods." Thank you
Apr 19, 2016 8:58 PM
Answers · 16
"... which date back..." "society" (no "the") "by demonstrating" (by indicates method) Good luck!
April 19, 2016
... a couple more corrections to add to the ones Michael has pointed out: "Kuhn's work" (singular) - We only use 'works' for works of art or literature "a tremendous impact" (not 'an')
April 19, 2016
"by" is the only coorect choice. It would also be better to use the word "published" instead of dated. --- "..., published in the second half of ...." uses of "dated": "This theory of gravity dates back to the 1600's with the publication of Sir Isaac Newton's work." "This bone has been dated as being from the first century B.C."
April 19, 2016
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