prepositions with the verb to travel I don t know when to use preposition : across , around , in If you want to go to different countries in Europe , I travel around Europe, is that right? If you travel from one couuntry to another, I travel across Europe So Could it have to do with having two fixed destinations or not? And , would it be correct to say : travel in / inside Africa. ? Any other preposition? Thanks
Apr 19, 2016 9:47 PM
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Perhaps a languages teacher could answer this better. However, "to travel around" suggests no fixed purpose or destination e.g. to just go from one country to another - France, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc.... "To travel across" is going in a straight horizontal line e.g. from France to Russia (and the countries in between). It's common to say "travel across the United States" - i.e. from East Coast to West Coast. (Whereas "travel around the United States" just suggests going to lots of different states.) "Travel in Africa" - OK "Travel inside Africa" - no! "Travel around Africa" - good, see above "Travel across Africa" - only if going e.g. East to West (or West to East!) Hope this is helpful!
April 19, 2016
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