!!لطفآ کمک Hi there, I have been wondering for so long what "dige" means, I mean "dige" is like in every sentence I hear when someone speaks to me. But I have never really understand what it means. So can someone please try to explain? Like "Khob dige" "Dige gerye nakon" "Dige nistam" I know that "dige" has a lot of meanings, and it's pretty hard to explain how you use it.
Apr 21, 2016 9:40 AM
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The word is in fact "digar", and it can be translated as any of the following and probably a bunch of other things! 1) another yeki dige = another one 2) other duste digam (digaram) = my other friend hamdige = each other digarân = others 3) anymore dige dustam nadâri? = don't you love me anymore? 4) [any/no] more dige harf nazad = she talked no more do you have [any] more? = dige ham dârid? 5) again dige hich vaght in kâr ro nakon! = never do this again! 6) [no direct translation] why?!—[khob] dige! = chera?!—because! khob dige, be kâremun beresim! = alright/anyway, let's get back to work!
April 21, 2016
"dige" in most cases means "then". Here are a few examples: bas kon dige...."then stop it" meaning we have already had enough, now it's time for u to stop zood bash dige..."then hurry up" meaning alright we waited long enough. come on!!!! dige dooset nadaram...."then I don't like you" meaning I don't like you anymore after what you did so basically, "dige" means "now that certain things have happened, the situation has changed"
April 21, 2016
Hi Felicia دیگه or "dige" has several meaning. khob dige = ok I agree with you (if you want to approve someone's opinion you should use this expression) assume that you are arguing with someone on a certain subject and suddenly you realize that you are both having same idea and you can say " khob dige manam hamin ro migam or goftam" خوب دیگه منم دارم همینو میگمI am saying the same thing" in 2 other sentences "dige" means anymore dige gerye nakon means" don't cry anymore and the formal form of "dige" in Persian is "digar" دیگر if you have any question I can help you with your problem. have a good time
April 21, 2016
I didn't see the answer "really". "Ino dige khob gofti" = "You really said this one good" or in better language "you really nailed this one (when in comes to something someone said)".
April 18, 2021
Hi Guys, What does Kafi Nist means? And what Ghermez means ? Bitab? Yeki dige? Appreciated answer Regards
March 11, 2017
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