Please help me understand the meaning. Thank you very much! 1.Sharing is caring and all Does "and all" here mean "Sharing is all about caring"? 2.I'm suing the pants off this company! "Pants" here is metaphor right? Does it mean to show scandals to the public, or to ask for a large amount of money from the company? 3."But if this is your go-to threat when you're unhappy about something, stop it!" she says. I looked up "go-to". It's the ​best ​person to ​deal with a ​particular ​problem or do a ​particular thing, or the ​best ​place to get a ​particular thing or ​service. But it doesn't make sense in this sentence. Does it mean "the best threat", or not planned, just out of impulse? Thank you!
Apr 24, 2016 1:04 PM
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1. Is the sentence complete? Depends upon context. 2. I'm suing this company for as much money as I can get! 3. "But if this is the threat you always use when you are unhappy something, stop it!"
April 24, 2016
1. By itself, the phrase "Sharing is caring and all" is not a great sentence. However there is a grammar structure being used here "..... and all, but .....", so the full sentence sounds a lot better. "Sharing is caring" is a 'saying' in English. You can think of it as something like a "chéngyŭ" in English. The grammar structure "..... and all, but ....." means that the person knows this saying, but he or she is ignoring the saying. The first part is the saying, the "and all" means the person is aware of it, "but" is a contradiction, and the last part is the reason for ignoring the saying. So Vince is correct. 2. Yes, metaphor. It makes the intended action very strong. He's not just suing them, he's suing the pants off them! He wants to "bleed them dry". He probably wants to sue for a lot of money. 3. A "Go-to {option}" means that it's the person's favourite {option}. If there are multiple options, it is their first preference. Sometimes out of impulse, or sometimes because it's the best option. When something happens, it is the first option that the person will think of, and usually they will choose that option (unless they see another option which fits much better in that situation). "Go-to" is usually used in these ways: "It's the ​best ​person to ​deal with a ​particular ​problem or do a ​particular thing, or the ​best ​place to get a ​particular thing or ​service" It is also possible to use it in this way: "go-to threat", but it's less common. So the words "go-to threat" mean it's that person's typical threat. It's the threat they will usually "go to" when they need to find a threat.
April 25, 2016
Thank you MamaPata.The context for the 1st sentence is" Got any deodorant I can borrow."-- Really?Sharing is caring and all, but no one at work should be that close.
April 24, 2016
1. It is difficult to say without context. But probably this just means "sharing and caring and that kind of thing". Sometimes people say "and all" to mean etc, etc. "Sharing is caring" is something we tell children a lot. It just means it is good to share things. 2. Yes pants is a metaphor. It doesn't have to be about a scandal, but you are suing them for a lot of money. 3. "But if this is your go-to threat when you're unhappy about something, stop it!" she says. "If this is what you threaten every time you're unhappy about something, stop it!" she says. Go-to can mean the best. But often it just means the thing you choose often. E.g. My go-to recipe is by Delia Smith. The recipe I choose often is by Delia Smith. Does that make sense? They are very idiomatic phrases. I very rarely write them down.
April 24, 2016
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