Sungbin Lee
"转向“的意思 目前市场焦点转向了周三的零售和周四的通胀数据 在上面的句子中,“转向”是什么意思?
Apr 25, 2016 2:18 AM
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转向:turn to 目前市场焦点转向了周三的零售和周四的通胀数据 The focus of market has turned to retail sales on Wednesday and inflation data on Thursday.
April 26, 2016
如果你自己查字典,会看见"转"就是"改换方向"的意思, "向"就是"面向"的意思。 "转向了"的意思,就是市场焦点"改换了方向,变成了面向"周三的零售和周四的通胀数据", 市场的注意力,现在是集中在周三和周四公布的数据上。 学会查字典,是学中文基本的功课。
April 25, 2016 change direction; to turn about; to veer around 2,focus on another goal,
April 25, 2016
转向是调转方向的意思,即原来注意力在一个方向上,后来注意力换到了另一个方向上,change the former or previous goal to another new goal
April 25, 2016
The word "转向" means "change to (a new problem or sth.)"
April 25, 2016
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