Does it make any sense? I know it is easy to correct in the notebook feature, but I just need to know if this text is unambiguous. “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did”. These words were spoken by the American opera conductor Sarah Caldwell and although she was not precisely referring to learning a foreign language, many people understand that language learning is a discipline that requires dedication and diverse methods of study for the requirements of our modern society. Nowadays, there are a wide range of possibilities to learn another language and it is surprising that not all students know how to take advantage of different tools on the internet; from the most basic and simple apps for learning vocabulary and grammar rules to the most interactive and sophisticated websites for speaking the language in a more natural way.
Apr 25, 2016 3:10 AM
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I would call it waxing eloquent, though pointing very generalized in a reference. It is a broad, poetic statement - almost esoteric in terms of its opinion and personal reflection. It looks based on primarily experience. I perceive that what the author doing here was urging people in general to take a very open approach to learning and showing eagerness in all of life's situations in anticipation of learning something. I would say, "Stand up and take notice at every opportunity in life," much the same admonition.
April 25, 2016
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