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Only for Chinese What is the meaning of each following sentence? Nee hau Nee Hau Nee Hau Mah? nay hoh nay hoh mah? doh-tzay
Apr 25, 2016 5:39 AM
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haha i know these following sentences is the pronunciation of cantonese, cuz i am cantonese:) nay hoh =hello =你好 nay hoh mah?=how are you?=你好吗? doh-tzay= thanks=多谢 And these are the pronunciation of manderin Nee hau=hello=你好 Nee=you=你 Hau=good=好 Nee Hau Mah?=how are you?=你好吗? i think the sentenses(pronunciation)can help you speak Chinese ,it`s convenient. But if you want to learn Chinese systematically, you may need to start with pinyin
April 25, 2016
你好 你 好 你好吗 the second paragraph i can't translate it !! are you using pinyin??
April 25, 2016
Can I learn Chinese in that way? For example, using "Nee Hau Mah?" to say "How are you?"
April 25, 2016
nee hau means hello,nee hau mah means how are you
April 25, 2016
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