please help me to check if the following sentences are correct ! it's raining heavily, so I will stay at home and eat whatever I've got in fridge . if I need to tell someone afterwards about what happened on that day, can I say "it was raining , so I would stay at home and eat whatever I had got in fridge " My question is should I use "had got " instead of "'ve got " in the second sentence ? If "had got" is correct can I use "I'd got "instead ? Thank you in advance!
Apr 25, 2016 4:13 PM
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One is fine. Add capital "I" and "the" before fridge. Two should be : It was raining, so I stayed at home and ate whatever I had / I had got / I'd got in the fridge " You need only the past simple for "stay" and "eat". The situation is in the past, it is finished and the two activities were not progressive. I'm not sure how widespread "had got" is outside the UK, though it would be well known. "had" instead of "had got" is acceptable everywhere.
April 25, 2016
The first sentence should be this: 'It's raining heavily, so I will stay at home and eat whatever I've got in the fridge.' Note the capital 'I' at the beginning - yes, this is important - and the word 'the' before 'fridge'. 'Fridge' is a singular, countable noun, so it needs a determiner before it. You could also say 'my fridge'. The most interesting part of this sentence, when you convert it into indirect speech, is what happens to the modal 'will'. It doesn't change to 'would', as you might think. In fact, this use of 'will', in direct speech, is an expression of a decision being made at that moment. So the best way to put it into indirect speech is like this: It was raining, so I decided to stay at home and eat whatever I'd got in the fridge. And yes, it is possible to say 'I had got' or 'I'd got' in the past, but it would be more common, and also more widely acceptable - especially in US English - to say '..whatever I had in the fridge.' I hope that helps.
April 25, 2016
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