What is the difference between ''zu'' and ''nach''? How do I know if I have to use ''zu'' or ''nach''? When I translate this prepositions to Portuguese, both of them have the same meaning... Danke schön.
Apr 25, 2016 5:23 PM
Answers · 3
If the destination is a country or a city you have to use "nach". Examples: "Er fliege nach Brasilien." "Du fährst nach Rio de Janeiro." "Man Reise führt mich nach São Paulo." If the destination is a person or a defined locality you have to use "zu". Examples: "Ich fahre zu meiner Tante, die in Santa Cruz wohnt." "Sie nimmt den Bus zum Flughafen." "Wir gehen zum Arruda-Stadion."
April 25, 2016
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