직인 변경에 대한 통보 1)I have to write 직인 변경에 대한 통보, in which state the new seal and the old seal. The new seal i translated into 새직인, and the old one is 오래된 직인, but i think 오래된 직인, is not formal. Is there any word better? 2)Pls help me to check the Korean translation: 숫자로 10,680,000,00베트남동(백육억 팔천 만)에 상응하는오십만 미국 달러 감사합니다
Apr 26, 2016 2:33 AM
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1) I don't think there is no better word than 오래된 직인. It's fine :) 2) 10,680,000,000 베트남동은 오십만 미국 달러에 상응. or 10,680,000,000 베트남동은 500,000 미국 달러의 가치를 가짐. I'm not sure whether this answers your question. Have a good day :)
April 26, 2016
네, 감사합니다
April 26, 2016
There are usually multiple words and expressions. 새 직인 is more formally 신규 직인 (newly adopted seal). As you mentioned, 오래된 직인 is really unusable in this kind of document. When you mention it for the first time, you can say 기존 직인 (the current seal, the seal currently in use), and after that you might refer to it as 폐기(decommissioned) 직인.
April 26, 2016
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