How can I complain about my barber in authentic English? Hi, guys! It's gonna be my first question on italki. I wanna ask how can I complain about my barber in authentic English(地道的英语). Last Saturday, I restyled my hair, ionic perm(离子烫), and, cut neat bangs(齐刘海). Before, I had side-swept bangs (斜刘海?)with long floppy hair(蓬松的头发). But now, the shorter neat bangs makes me more rustic(土气的)and out of style. At the beginning of cutting my hair, I told the barber don't cut the bangs too much and don't leave it too short. It sames the barber didn't hear a word(没听进去)! OMG! Barbers sometimes cutting according to their own idea(按他们的想法做), ignore the customer's feeling.So sad.Actually, I intended to past my photos(before cut and after) here, but it looks like can't past or I don't know how to past photos[emoji][emoji]
Apr 27, 2016 1:41 AM
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hello? what do you mean by rustic? I think that you have to say you cut my hair and now it( your hair) is uneven
April 27, 2016
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