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I don't know what are my problems in this description. The map is in the following link: italki.com/entry/686616 I think that the map is not described well. What I did was just stating the directions and the positions of the buildings, no more no less. To reach coherence, I must use cause-effect relationship and doing that is a little bit difficult and requires a long time. For example, explaining the importance of why the tennis and the golf should be near to each other is not that easy to me. Also, illustrating why the housing are expanded requires sometime to think about it. Writing an a long a long, independent essay is much easier to me than describing a map while developing the essay at once. Also, I know that they ask for a description, no more. But I still think that the description is not good. For instance, 150 words must be written and I have just to describe what I see. I don't mean that I need to develop the essay. What I mean that there is something wrong in the description, which I don't know..
Apr 29, 2016 2:46 AM