Can you explain how to understand this introduction below? "In recent times there has much debate about which subjects should be included on the school curriculum. One particular issue is whether the introduction of more modern subjects such as IT for more traditional subjects such as art and music disadvantages the pupils.This essay examines both sides of this issue." This is from an essay for IELTS. I don't understand the second sentence ...whether .....for ...., why " for " is used ? Maybe typo? It should be "or" ? And, what do you think the subject of " disadvantages the pupils" ? For your information, Question is "Subjects such as Art, Sport and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum for subjects such as Information Technology. Many people children suffer as a result of these changes. To what extent would you support or reject the idea of moving these subjects from school curriculum?" Thank you .
Apr 30, 2016 3:26 AM
Answers · 6
Hi! "Whether" doesn't necessarily need "or" to make sense in a sentence, once you might presume that it suggests one thing or another (conditional). Therefore, "whether (or not) the introduction of more modern subjects (such as IT for more traditional subjects such as art and music) disadvantages the pupils" -- "the introduction of more modern subjects" works as the subject of the sentence. It might be or not be a disadvantage for pupils. Hope this has clarified your doubt.
April 30, 2016
I agree this looks strange; you can introduce something to another thing, but not for it. Perhaps they mean "substitution"? In any event, whatever that action is, that whole noun phrase is the subject of "disadvantages" here. Also, is it a transcription error, or did they really say "there has much debate"?
April 30, 2016
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