How can native speakers of America ask the qusetion? Hi everyone. Yesterday I watched video which was named "A Conversation with Elon Musk" and I wondered. I have heard and then I have read on subtitles the strange examples how it can asking the questions. For examples: 1) "What gave you the confidence?" I think that it is grammatically incorrect.(cause it follows from the rules for the preparation of questions in the simple past tense on which I have been learning English) I would make like: "What did give you the confidence?" And another examples: 2) "you do not mind?" (Verb after subject) 3)" this was an unusual circumstance?" (Verb after subject) I want to know that is some simplification or something else. Is it acceptable? Can I use this constructions of the question for another questions?
Apr 30, 2016 8:29 AM
Answers · 7
1) What gave you the confidence? This is correct. The tense of the sentence is correct. Elon Musk might answer with the same tense: "Landing the rocket on land gave us the confidence to try landing on a platform in the ocean." 2) "you do not mind?" (Verb after subject) 3) "this was an unusual circumstance?" (Verb after subject) You're right, normally the subject comes first: "Do you not mind?" "Was this an unusual circumstance?" However, sometimes we invert the words for emphasis. "YOU do not mind?" "THIS was an unusual circumstance?" Another very common version of the question: You don't mind?
April 30, 2016
In spoken English a simple affirmative statement can be turned into a question by intonation, in written reported speech this would be represented by adding a question mark to the statement.
April 30, 2016
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