Portuguese Exams (Adapted from an earlier question which wasn't specific enough, as it turns out) Has anyone taken a portuguese exam in the CAPLE / CEFR series? I am getting ready to take one for the first time (DEPLE/B1 at the London testing centre) and I wondered about how it works. For example, I have tried a test exam and one of the sections involves listening to a spoken text and then answering written questions about it. I can get pretty good grades if I rewind the text and listen to it again but I really struggle if I don't. So my question is, when I am in the exam will I be able to rewind and listen again or will I only get one chance? Is time allowed in advance for reading the questions so I know what to listen out for? Thank you
Apr 30, 2016 8:50 PM
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olá tenho alguns exames CAPLE de diferentes níveis (Preparei dois alunos para esses testes.) de a sua estrutura é idêntica em todos. A compreensão oral consiste na audição de textos (uma ou duas vezes), de registo informal, próprios de situações de comunicação dos domínios público, pessoal, profissional ou educativo. São usados itens de escolha múltipla, correspondência e verdadeiro/falso. Hello I have some CAPLE exams of different levels (I prepared two students for these tests) of the structure is identical in all. The listening is the listening texts (once or twice), informal register, own communication situations in the public domain, personal, professional or educational. They are used: multiple choice, matching, true / false.
April 30, 2016
May 3, 2016
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