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Why is 海外 used in this sentence? This sentence is from an Anki deck I downloaded. 我们学校有很多海外留学生。 Why do they use 海外?Isn't it a bit redundant? Does the following sentence have the same meaning? 我们学校有很多留学生。 谢谢!
May 1, 2016 12:42 AM
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本人英语不好,用汉语回答,希望你能看懂,也希望给母语者看。 这两句话: 我们学校有很多海外留学生。 我们学校有很多留学生。 它们的含义是不同的。 先说“留学”,虽然说起来“留学”是“留居国外学习”的意思,而加上“生”,表示“留居国外的学生”,可是,大家有没有想过,“留学生”这个词,可以告诉我们,是现在在留学还是已经留学过了吗?并不能!也就是说,一个人,他现在在别的国家留学,他可以叫成“留学生”,然而当他学成之后,回到自己的国家,他依然可以被叫作留学生。 这样一来,如果单说“我们学校有很多留学生”,意思就有两个,一“我们学校有许多从国外来的外国留学生”,和二“我们学校有许多到国外留学回来的留学生”。既然含义多于一个,那么就有被限定的必要,当要表达第一种含义时,就可以说成“我们学校有许多海外留学生”。这样一来就和第二种含义有了区别。那么”海外“是多余的吗?当然不是。 语言是有生命的,而母语者应该是维持它的生命的人,如果母语者都这样讲,那它就是合理的。如果用已有的语法来衡量认为是错的,那么我们更多的应该是反观这个语法是否有不完美的地方。 就这两句话来说,并不存在语法错误,只是我们自己没明白”留学生“所包含的意思并不是我们认为的”从外国来的在这个国家学习的学生“这么单一,”海外留学生“可以表达”从海外来的留学生“甚至还可以表达”到海外去的留学生,在海外留学的学生“,所以,没有特别的限定,我们表达的含义未必就是准确的。 比如,过年时,会说”海外留学生们给祖国发回了贺电“,这里的”海外留学生“就是中国的留学生,而不是外国的留学生。 大家(包括母语者)弄清楚每个词的真正含义,不要抓住一点就当成全部,那样就会得出错误的结论。
May 1, 2016
海外=foreign .I think they are in the same meaning.Because 留学生are foreigners. I think it's redundant.Correct:我们学校有很多留学生。
May 1, 2016
Also, the students can be from other provinces and so 海外 is used to denote explicitly they are not from China.
May 2, 2016
海---外--- literally is talking about the overseas land ,people need a boat to cross the sea to set foot on this land here in ancient times, if one are from Tajikistan or Russia,basically the guy can get here by just walk,but if one are from America or Australia he needs a boat. so my take on this one is 海---外---actually put a little bit extra info to the overall context,but insignificant...and they have almost same meaning...both are fine to learn and use. further check 海---内---外 vs 海---外--- 海内外学生 ; 海外学生 海内外人士 ; 海外人士 feel free to ask,and I'd like to help
May 1, 2016
海外is used to describe the students that they are from other countries. According to baike(like wiki in china),现在泛指留居外国学习或研究的学生。“留学生”means the students who live abroad to study. “留学生”and“海外”do have the same meaning in this sentence,but the two words put together don't make it redundant. Instead,it's totally correct.And putting the two words together makes the sentence more accurate. If there are any mistakes in my answer,please point them out.Learning English,too! ------------------ Well,suddenly I think I might be a little wrong. This sentence could be redundant grammatically.But if you used it incautiously in your writting or a conversation,it'd be alright.The native speakers can totally understand you and probably they don't even notice this. However,我们学校有很多留学生 is perfect.
May 1, 2016
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