in for yet “Morrie was brought in for yet another series of tests.” 'in for yet' ??! I couldn't even guess what is it's meaning...
May 1, 2016 2:25 PM
Answers · 3
It's not surprising that you don't know what 'in for yet' means! This means nothing at all. Your problem is that you are dividing the sentence up wrongly. Look at it like this: [Morrie was brought in] [for] [yet another series of tests.] Morrie was brought in = Morrie was called in to a clinic, for example. What was he brought in for? = Why was he brought in? He was brought in for [yet more tests] = He was brought in for [even more tests] He's already had several series of medical tests, and now he's been brought in for even more. I hope that's clearer.
May 1, 2016
brought in - bring in the class (past) for - for yet another - again another
May 1, 2016
“Morrie was brought in for another series of tests.” That would mean the same thing. The word "yet" indicates that Morrie has already been subjected to many series of tests and that it is somewhat extreme to be doing more. I would guess the context is medical or perhaps he is trying to qualify for a job or position.
May 1, 2016
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