get better soon When someone is sick and i want to say get better soon..i heard that we can say 빨리 나으세요. .my question is..can i use 빨리 좋아지세요 ,too?
May 1, 2016 4:16 PM
Answers · 1
Yes, you can say 빨리 좋아지세요 too. Here are some related expressions: - 빨리 나으세요 - 낫다: be cured, recover. - 빨리 나아지세요 - 나아지다: get better, improve. - 빨리 좋아지세요 - 좋아지다: get better, improve. - 빨리 나으셔야죠 [나아지셔야죠 / 좋아지셔야죠] - (It's imperative) You should get better soon. * ~셔야죠, ~셔야지요: means ~셔야 되지요. A more indirect way of saying it (sounds more natural to me).
May 1, 2016
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