Taylor Brown
Could someone explain Korean sentence structure in depth? I understand the basic sentence structure of Korean but I am unsure of how to build more descriptive and complex sentences. For example: The dog ran vs the big dog ran quickly. I'm just unsure of where the additional adjectives and prepositions would go and having a sentence broken down for me would help me to understand. I hope this wasn't too confusing and thank you for any input.
May 1, 2016 9:54 PM
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From http://www.learnkoreanlp.com/2006/11/adjectives-meet-nouns.html Adjectives - Descriptive Form In the previous posts, Adjectives - Present, Past and Adjectives - Polite [Present, Past], we learned that adjectives in Korean function like verbs in that they can be conjugated into present and past tenses, and various other forms. However, when describing nouns using adjectives placed in front of them, for example, 'a beautiful bird', the adjectives must be conjugated to the descriptive form. E.g. 아름답다 → 아름다운 [A plain form → A descriptive form] 아름다운 새 = a beautiful bird 길다 → 긴 = long 긴 연필 → a long pencil 달다 → 단 = sweet (taste) 단 초콜렛 → sweet chocolate 빨갛다 → 빨간 = red 빨간 사과 → a red apple 노랗다 → 노란 = yellow 노란 우산 = a yellow umbrella 쉽다 → 쉬운 = easy 쉬운 문제 → an easy problem/question 아름답다 → 아름다운 = beautiful 아름다운 꽃 → a beautiful flower 좁다 → 좁은 = narrow, small, cramped (space) (NOT 조은) 좁은 운동장 = a small/cramped playground 멋지다 → 멋진 = nice/cool 멋진 모자→ a nice/cool hat 예쁘다 → 예쁜 = pretty 예쁜 구두 → pretty shoes 빠르다 → 빠른 = fast 빠른 자동차 → a fast car 좋다 → 좋은 = good 좋은 사람 → a good man Adverbs come just before verbs to describe actions. 많다, 빠르다 and 높다 each have two adverbial forms. 많이, 빨리 and 높이 are more commonly used than 많게, 빠르게 and 높게. Example sentences 나는 스테이크를 맛있게 먹었다 = I ate my steak "deliciously" (Lit. I enjoyed my steak) 거북이는 느리게 걷는다 = A tortoise walks slowly 밥을 많이 먹었다 = I ate a big meal. (Lit. I ate a meal a lot.) * Adjectives - Descriptive Form is located before a noun. * Adverb is located before an adjective, an adverb or a verb. The dog ran 개가 달렸다. the big dog ran quickly. 큰 개가 빨리 달렸다 the very black dog ran very quickly. 아주 큰 개가 아주 빨리 달렸다
May 2, 2016
I want to see the answers to this! :-)
May 1, 2016
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