Translation of a lyric sentence I am trying to learn some Korean, trying to listen and translate lyrics. But I cannot understand this translation: 먹고 싶은 거 사 먹고 옷도 사 입고 I buy my own food, I buy my own clothes I cannot see the connection between the English and the Korean, I know that it is never a really literal translation, but here I am totally lost. For what I know the Korean sentence should be literally translated to these words in English. 1. 먹고 = to eat/food 2. 싶 = 'to want' verb form 3. 은 = topic marker 4. 거 = thing thing 5. 사 = buy 6. 먹고 = to eat/food 7. 옷도 = clothes 8. 사 = buy 9. 입고 = wear I am lost at 4. What does it mean in the sentence? It is somehow also translated to the pronoun 'I' or 'me'. But I only know 내 and 저 for that. I also do not understand what 먹고 is doing on 1 and then what it function is repeated at 6, can you help?
May 2, 2016 6:55 PM
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"먹고 싶은 거 사 먹고 옷도 사 입고" => Buying and eating what I want to eat and clothing myself as well (literal) => Freely feeding and clothing myself as I wish - 먹고 싶은: that I want to eat (adjective phrase). ~고 싶다 (I want/like to ~) -> ~고 싶은 (that I want to ~). - 먹고 싶은 거: things(거) that I want to(싶은) eat(먹고) - a noun phrase. - 사 먹고: 사(서) 먹다 = buy(사다) and eat(먹다). ~고 is a connective ending for a light "and". - 옷도: 옷(clothes) + 도(particle for as well, too). - 사 입고: 사(서) 입다 = buy and wear. -고 ending means it is continuing on to the next part. * On #3 of your list, "은" is part of a verb conjugation of 싶다, and has nothing to do with the topic marker 은. * The subject is omitted in this phrase, but the previous line "내 돈으로 ..." makes it clear the subject is "I". * ~고 ... ~고 is like "Feeding myself AND clothing myself as I wish, AND knowing how to be content ..."
May 2, 2016
the thing that the person wants to eat "먹고 싶은 거 (것)" = things i want to eat
May 2, 2016
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