Does it sound natural On Sunday we had Easter. We went to a vigil service which started at 11 PM and finished at 4 am. We made special.pastry and dyed boiled eggs in red. I.put on weight since my pregnancy. I must shed more than ten kilos but I am afraid to go on a diet as it can reduce my breast milk.
May 3, 2016 1:43 PM
Answers · 3
It is fine. You might also say "On Sunday, we celebrated Easter." Happy Easter! Christ is risen!
May 3, 2016
Well done. :) It is not quite 100% natural though. I have made a few (small) corrections below. You can say "Easter was on Sunday" or "On Sunday we celebrated Easter". "We made a special pastry and dyed boiled eggs red." (no need to write "in") " I have put on weight since my pregnancy" ("Have" for past tense) "I must lose more than 10 kilos... " ("Lose" is the idiomatic word in English for decreasing weight) "... could reduce ... " Happy Easter! :)
May 3, 2016
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