What's the meaning of these sentences ? By cümleler ne demek Kara sevda dedikleri bu olsa gerek "Dedikleri olsa gerek "ne demek İnsanlık ölmemiş dedirten fotoğrafları "Dedirten" ne demek
May 3, 2016 7:41 PM
Answers · 2
dedikleri: what they called olsa gerek: must be dedirten: what makes (somebody) to say Kara sevda dedikleri bu olsa gerek: What they called 'black love' must be this İnsanlık ölmemiş dedirten fotoğrafları: His/Her/Its/Their* photographs that make (people) to say humanity isn't dead. * It's not clear if it's The or His/Her/Its/Their
May 3, 2016
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