"Exaggerate the extent to which" The researchers compared survey results from 195 college students in 1983 to those from 191 people in 2014, and they looked very similar. Both men and women continue to associate men with masculine TRAITS like COMPETITIVENESS and technical professions like ENGINEERING, while many still think of women as kinder and more likely to enter CARING PROFESSIONS like NURSING. And even more people now than 30 years ago believe men are unlikely to take HOUSEHOLD and childcare responsibilities. “The current study finds that people EXAGGERATE the extent to which men and women are different from one another,” the researchers said. In the last paragraph, I can't exactly catch "exaggerate the extent to which" Can I say "people exaggerate the extent that men and women are different from one another" Everytime I meet "noun+ preposition + which" , I become confused. Does anyone help me to understand using "noun+preposition+which"?
May 3, 2016 11:53 PM
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When you see which, who, where, that and so on in a construction like this, you are dealing with a pronoun that stands for some noun, introducing a dependent clause. I suggest that if you have difficulty in analysing it, you separate the dependent clause, make a similar independent clause out of it, and understand what that is about before you put it back together. So, for example, here you might think about "Men and women are different from one another to some extent". To what extent? One which [again, a pronoun] people exaggerate. No, you can't use "that" instead of "to which" here. You can sometimes use "that" as a stand-alone relative pronoun instead of "which" if it isn't separated from the noun it applies to, so I could actually have used it in the last sentence of the previous paragraph: "One that people exaggerate". But you need the preposition in your example, and so "that" is no longer an option (I know, it's a bit illogical, but that's the way it works).
May 4, 2016
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