Could anyone correct me this writings? Thanks. 1. Hi pat! I am going to a classical music's concert today with my friends. As I know you like this sort of music too, so would you like to come with us? The performance will start at 7.00 p.m. at the teathre. See you later. 2. Dear Tom, It is spring in my country right now but the summer is comming so it´s so hot here too, where I live. However, if you go to the north's country it's cold there and it's rains every day. I prefer living in the south. I usually go for a walk in the evening and sometimes I go cycling on my bike but the most I like is to play volleyball at the beach and go snorkeling. Have you ever tried snorkeling? I really recomment it you. I look forward to hearing from you again. All the best. XXX. 3. Hi Max! Last week I joined a chess club. As I know, you like playing chess too so Why don't you come to the club tomorrow afternoon? We'll play chess together and practise for taking part in the young chess's competition this summer. Love, MMM:
May 4, 2016 10:12 AM
Answers · 2
Pls post on Notebook where people can correct using full edit functions.
May 4, 2016
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