i want to be a perfect girl ,like some stars.i hatt myself sometimes, what should i do?
Oct 26, 2008 2:08 AM
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What/Who is perfect? I think you are setting up unrealistic goals and are doomed to fail miserably. Stars are not perfect and I'm sure if you got to talk to your favorite stars they would tell you so. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will ALWAYS be people richer/poorer, taller/shorter, smarter/dumber etc. than you. (Wow that sounds familiar)
October 26, 2008
what is most beautiful about a person is not what they look like but how they treat others and how they respect themselves. you are a beautiful girl and i really dont care what anyone else thinks. i am not gay and i love guys and only guys 100% but i also know that you are pretty. dont worry about looking like someone who isnt perfect themselves..... they have tons of makeup on and the are airbrushed which means that their pics are fake with all their flaws taken out. you are beautiful just the way you are and dont let anyone tell you that you are not, and most of all dont ever let yourself begin the thought that you are not pretty. as soon as that thought comes just say, " i am beautiful." and keep saying it until you feel that way. if that doesnt help then take a walk or do something to keep your mind busy as well as your body. dont be alone when you feel this way because that lets you feel this way but when you are with others you have to think about what is happening. i am here if you need anymore help. :)
October 31, 2008
Don't forget to be the way you are...
October 30, 2008
No one is Perfect, we as human beings have so many faults, this is our nature, Never mind. Try to find the precious diamond in yourself. Keep loving everything, Smile & Smile & Smile :) Forget about bad things, be Optimistic towards life and people ;) Take everything Easy, Look at the bright side everytime ;) and also TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF ;)
October 30, 2008
Everyone likes you. You would not be who you are if you were not yourself today. Try to find other things that make you happy and you will be a perfect girl. Maybe you need a change of friends or environment. Maybe you can treat yourself to a fabulous new hairdo. Try to do something different, unique and see who realizes it. You will see that people around you do care about you.
October 26, 2008
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