учить - изучит итд I have enormous difficulty in learning how to translate the following English verbs into Russian: to learn, to teach. учить - учиться выучить - выучить изучить - изучить They seem to be interchangeable to me. How do you use them, please.
May 4, 2016 8:51 PM
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In Russian there is no one verb to convey the idea of studing - several different verbs are used, each with a distinct meaning and referring to a certain type of studying. The verb изучать means to study in depth. It is a transitive verb, which means that it must have a direct object - you must be studying something , and it is something you study on a regular basis. Я изучаю русский язык. Мой брат изучает языки и математику. The verb УЧИТЬСЯ is used when referring to the career of studying , of being a student ( at an institution) Моя сестра учится в университете. Она учится хорошо. The verb УЧИТЬ is used to convey the process of memorising (a rule/ words....)Also, it is very often used to denote the meaning of " to teach" In your quewstion you have the perfective aspect of учить - ВЫучить. Prefix вы has the meaning of fully accomplished action . In your case выучить - to have something completely memorised. учить - вЫучить пить - вЫпить
May 6, 2016
учить - to teach учить may also be used as to study if to talk about languages. Учить русский язык. учить is also used in meaning "to learn by heart" (Учить стихотворение). выучить-to learn by heart completely Учить is more linked to process, but выучить is more linked to result. Выучил стихотворение means that you have learned it and now you know it. учиться-to study изучить-to study smth very deeply completely. Изучить биологию means to get sophisticated in byology, become a person who knows almost everything about it.
May 4, 2016
Учить = learn Учиться=learning (процесс) Example: Я люблю учиться. Изучить=have learnt - то есть все уже знаешь (=выучил) teach=учить У нас нет такого разграничения между действиями: ты кого-то учишь или ты учишься сам или с педагогом - слово одно "учить"
May 6, 2016
to teach somebody = учить кого-то to learn something = учить что-то изучить it means you have completly learned something. выучить it means you have memorized something. I have learned a poem = Я выучил стихотворение. I have learned these topic = Я изучил эту тему. I'll teach you russian = Я буду учить тебя русскому языку. I'll learn a poem = Я буду учить стихотворение. You can always tell 'учить' and everybody will understand You.
May 5, 2016
учить + accusative -- to learn smth: учить язык -- to learn a language учить + dative -- to teach smth: учить языку -- to teach a language учить + someone (accusative) + smth (dative) -- to teach someone something : учить студентов языку изучать -- 1) to study: она изучает экономику в университете -- she studies economics at university; 2) to examine: изучать проблему -- to examine the problem; выучить -- to learn, to memorize, to fix in the mind: Я выучил несколько новых слов -- I have learned some new words
May 5, 2016
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