Difference between "什么都", “全都”,and "所有的“ I learned all of these mean "all" in english, so what is the difference between them?
May 5, 2016 1:04 AM
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The difference between 什么都 and 全都 is subtle,they are usually followed by adjective or motion, you should read more sentence. 她们全都很漂亮 他什么都说 这些全都是假的 “所有的”is usually followed by noun 所有的人 所有的饮料 If you still have any problem, please be free to contact me directly.
May 5, 2016
Here is a simple rule for reference: 什么都 = anything/everything (that has some same property) "什么" is a noun or adjective here. 全都 = all (that have some same property) "全" is an adjective or adverb here. 所有的 = all of "所有的" is an adjective here. for example: 本超市什么商品都打八折 - Every goods in this supermarket is 20% off. 本超市商品全都打八折 - Goods in this supermarket are all 20% off. 本超市所有的商品都打八折 - All of the goods in this supermarket are 20% off. 全都出去! - all (of you) get out! 什么都出去! × not correct 所有的都出去 × not correct 所有的人都出去 - all of people get out! (correct) 他的钱包里什么都没有 - There isn't anything in his wallet. /There is nothing in his wallet. 他的钱包里全都没有 × not correct. 他的钱包里所有的都没有 × not correct. 体育场里的人全都站了起来 - People in the stadium all stood up. 体育场里的人什么都站了起来 × not correct. 体育场里的所有人都站了起来 - All the people in the stadium stood up.
May 5, 2016
什么都 everything is ...(it's a subject clause) 全都 all of's an adverb) 所有的 all of...(it's an adjective ) three of them have similar meaning , but used in different forms in sentences.
May 5, 2016
1),都,Adv, 表示总括全部。除问话外,所总括的对象必须放在“都”前。也可以说“全都” 如: 这些事情都/全都办完了。 2),都, 所总括的对象可以用表示任指的疑问指代词 如: 我什么都不要。 怎么办都可以。 3)所有 Adj, +N 如: 所有的人,所有问题
May 7, 2016
May 5, 2016
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