Skylar Caststeel
Chinese Names? How should people who want to use a Chinese name when learning Chinese choose a name? I chose 京浩然,but is that appropriate?
May 5, 2016 4:22 PM
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I think it is appropriate~浩然 is a good name. Actually 京 is not a common surname, at least to me, but I think you can use that name, as long as you like it. I have heard that a foreigner whose Chinese name is 饺子, only because he likes 饺子, so it doesn't matter if the Chinese name is appropriate, it is just a name. If you like it, then you can use it.(It is just my personal opinion,I am not sure if you will agree with that.)
May 5, 2016
浩然 is a very good and common name for boys. As for the surname, 京 is not that common but you're a foreigner, so people won't think it's werid. Besides, it provides you a good topic for people to ask you why did you choose that name. So Why not?
May 5, 2016
Well, “ 浩然 ” is a pretty good name. Chinese famous philosopher 孟子 once said, “ 我善养吾浩然之气 ” and that might be the origin of the word " 浩然 ". “ 京 ” is not a common family name, but it is cool if you want to use it. " 京 " stands for capital and currently refers to Beijing. Chinese name usually has a meaning. So when you're choosing a name for youself, you'd better know what it means and advoid some bad words. " 京浩然 " is quite an awesome name with a good meaning, easy to pronunce, and all the three characters are common. The one who gave you this name really did a good job! XD
May 6, 2016
It would be very amusing to call oneself 饺子, 拉面 or 馒头, but it does not work in real life if you wish to be taken seriously. There is a certain methodology. 1. Choose a surname from the List of Common Surnames (百家姓) whose pronunciation is akin to that of your English surname. In your case it would be 褚 chǔ。You could also go for 朱 zhū, 诸 zhū or 诸葛 zhūgě. 2. Then you choose one or two more characters to make up a two- or three-character Chinese name. 浩然 is fine. It means 正大刚直: morally upright, honourable, steadfast and honest.
May 5, 2016
京浩然 is ok as a name, but not so good. 京:it is not a common family name in China. 京 mostly means the capital of country, such as Beijing, Tokyo, etc. 浩然 is commonly used to describe a man of virtue who contributed to his country or his nation.
May 7, 2016
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