Curtir and Gostar. And "Tipo" too. Difference between Gostaer and Curtir. How do I use TIPO. I believe it's "like" but for "comparison"
May 5, 2016 11:03 PM
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gostar and curtir are basically the same thing. tipo. Well you can use it as "type" which is the original meaning but also as a slang. Tipo/ tipo assim. it is usually used by teens and it does not give good impression for listeners tipo/tipo assim is use to explain things "napoleão era muito poderoso, tipo um rei" "napoleão era muito poderoso, tipo assim, todo mundo conhecia o cara" I know it is a bit hard to explain slangs. If it is not clear, let me know i will try to explain better
May 5, 2016
1)There are no differences between curtir and gostar, you can use both meaning that you like something. but curtir you can also use when you enjoy doing something. Ex: Eu curti muito a festa ontem à noite. Eu me divertir tanto. I enjoyed last night's party. I had so much fun! Ex: Eu curto ler artigos sobre ficção científica. I like to read science fiction articles. ( but if you want to change "curto" for "gosto" you have to use a preposition along with it). -Eu gosto DE ler artigos sobre ficção científica. GOSTO DE/ CURTO - They're changeable, just don't forget to use the preposition with the verb gostar. 2)The slang TIPO (like) Tipo is used to make comparisons, you're right. But yet, it is a slang. We also use it when we don't know what something is, so we use tipo and another word to try to explain what we mean. I know it's pretty confusing, but let's take a look at some examples. -Helicóptero é tipo um avião. (A helicopter is like an airplane.) *Because both can fly and take people from one place to another. There are some similar aspects between the two things, but they are not the same, it is just a comparison. -Meu namorado meu deu uma pulseira dourada tipo de ouro. (My boyfriend gave me a golden bracelet like a gold one). *It means that although the bracelet looks like is made of gold, it isn't actually. ×Again, it is very informal, I advise you to use it only in informal conversation or informal writing. I hope I was able to help you! ×Last but not least, don't overuse 'tipo'.
May 6, 2016 In Portugal usually the young people just use "curtir" for this:[Informal] Trocar carícias sexuais.
May 15, 2016
don't have difference between "GOSTAR'' and ''CURTIR'', but ''CURTIR'' it's a Brazilian slang vamos CURTIR umas ferias - we will enjoy a vacation vamos GOSTAR dessas ferias - we will like these vacation ''TIPO'' is a slang TIPO! VOCÊ USA QUANDO NÃO TEM NADA PRA FALAR. - Type! you use when don't have nothing to speak
May 6, 2016
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